Business Owner FAQ

Cunsumer FAQs

Who is KooLocal?

KooLocal is a one-stop destination that is free for consumers to find almost all kinds of service appointments, and book and pay with a few clicks. You can either select an appointment to book, or if there were no available appointment to instantly book, you can specify your preferences and then request quotes to book, and then pay. KooLocal is like your personal concierge that saves you both time and money with no hassle. We are currently launching in DFW.

Why should I sign up With Koolocal?

To save time, money, and be free of hassle in dealing with your service needs. In today's world, between work, family time, and life, there just isn’t time to call a lot of different businesses to book your appointments. We help find and book your appointments in a few clicks!

How do I get started with Koolocal?

You simply find the appointments you need, and then sign up with a few clicks and then book and pay in a few clicks. If you do not find the appointment choices you need, then you simply specify your preferences and then request quotes. After you receive quotes from a few providers, just choose the one you like and book and pay - it really is that easy.

Is there a membership fee for me as a consumer using Koolocal?

Nope! Koolocal is free to use.

How do you find Businesses to join Koolocal?

Some businesses are referred to us by other members who have used them, and some signed up after learning about us. Our Service Professionals team also seeks out quality service providers on a daily basis to grow our platform so we can serve you better.

Why do you need my credit card number?

We use your credit card to hold the appointment for you. You will not be charged until after your service is rendered.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Simply cancel through Koolocal. We will notify the business. Cancellations that are made more than 24 hours prior to the appointment time will be done at no charge.

What if I change the service when I arrive?

If you change the service, the business will change the price with Koolocal and we will charge or refund the difference in price.

What about gratuity?

You are responsible for gratuity. The amount charged by Koolocal does not include gratuity.

If I request quotes, how long will it be until I hear from businesses?

It is often within minutes (but normally should be within the hour) most of the time unless the service provider is really tied up which may take longer.

If I have questions, how do I get a hold of a Koolocal Team member?

We are always available to answer your questions. The fastest way to reach us is to either text or call us at 972-515-1411or email us at

Can I rate and write reviews about a service provider on Koolocal?

Yes you can! We see Koolocal as a local community, your community. Your feedback about your experiences is an important part of that community and your participation makes the whole community stronger. We encourage all of our members to write reviews about the businesses they interact with, even businesses that don't end up providing the service. But, only members who have actually booked an appointment through the Koolocal platform can write a review, this helps keep the reviews meaningful and real.