Business Owner FAQs

What kind of businesses are on KooLocal?

Local service businesses that want to grow. Businesses just like yours. KooLocal is constantly growing the range of businesses we represent on our site.

Why should I join Koolocal?

Because KooLocal can help you to get more new customers and help bring your offline customers to online via the KooLocal intelligent platform where customers can save time by simply find (or to request quotes), book, and pay easily and with no more hassles. Plus, you get free exposure to KooLocal's consumers with no cost, and you only incur a small fee when you get booked and paid by real customers on KooLocal. We can help you grow business without any upfront costs, no risk at all, join Koolocal and let us send you new customers. Frankly the bigger question is why would you not join Koolocal?

What does it cost to be on Koolocal?

It costs nothing to list your profiles and your appointments on KooLocal. Only when you get booked and paid in the month, you pay a small monthly fee of $39.99 for each $1000 revenue transacted through KooLocal per month, and no other hidden fees. You can book all your appointments by using KooLocal 's booking and quoting system with both new customers and your current customers. You can track all of your appointments, customers, transactions, reviews from your customers. Plus, you can dynamically price your fees depending upon how busy/slow your business at anytime. But if you do not wish to use KooLocal's booking system to list your appointments, you can still use KooLocal to get new customers to book with you by sending quotes to customers.

What if the appointment ends up costing more than originally planned?

No problem, you can add on to the original cost with any extras you and your customer want. No need to charge them separately.

What if I don’t want to send quotes to a request from a customer?

You do not have to offer quotes to a customer's request if you are too busy - it's entirely up to you.

Do I get customer information from Koolocal?

Of course, we will send you the customers’ name and contact information as soon as they book with you. After all, it’s your customer.

Am I the only one receiving the customer's request?

Often times two to three service providers receive the customers' requests, so if you really want the job, it is helpful to quickly respond to the requests with a competitive price.

How do I get paid?

When a customer books an appointment with you we will charge their credit card and pay you within 7 seven business days, less the monthly fee.

How do I contact someone at Koolocal if I have questions?

Our Koolocal Team is always available to you. The easiest and fastest way to reach us is to either text or call us at 972-515-1411or email us at